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The valley of Thjorsrdalur: a relaxing jeep day tour to a green oasis enclosed between the rugged Icelandic Highlands.

Excursion to the Valley of Thjorsardalur, Thjorsardalur valley super jeep day tour
Thjorsardalur valley super jeep excursion, tours from Reykjavik: Thjorsardalur valley, day tours in iceland

The valley of Thjorsrdalur super jeep day tour

PRICE: _ _._ _ _ Isk  per person.

DURATION: 7-8 hours.

DEPARTURES: daily from mid June to end-Sept., at 09:00.

PICK UP: from your accommodation/ hotel/ guesthouse.

INCLUDED: pic-nic, snacks & refreshments.

Min. 2 - Max. 5 passengers.

We depart from Reykjavik in the morning, pass Selfoss, the biggest town of South Iceland, and drive inland toward the picturesque Thjorsardalur valley, a green oasis located in the vicinity of Hekla volcano; our first stop is at Hjalparfoss, a very unusual waterfall.

From there, it’s not a long drive to the next attraction: the Viking farmhouse of Stöng. We visit both the original place’s excavated ruins and the historically accurate reconstruction of the Viking longhouse (Þjóðveldisbærinn), where we get a taste of everyday life during the Norsemen Era.

We continue our tour to the beautiful Gjain ravine: an enchanting gorge with lush vegetation, numerous clear water creeks, interesting volcanic formations and a cute little waterfall. Sometime, in August, Porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis) of giant size can be found in the area.

After pick-nick and a nice walk through the ravine, we head toward Háifoss: an impressive 122 meters high waterfall, said to be the second tallest in Iceland.

The tour itinerary is flexible and it can be altered due to adverse weather conditions…better to be safe than sorry!!

               PLEASE NOTE: during the year 2024 will be running ONLY 

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Gjan valley, oasis in the highlands of iceland,Thjorsardalur valley day tour - Gjan ravine, Stong, Boletus edulis (porcini) mushrooms
Stong, viking longhouse in iceland, ruins of viking settlement of Stong, near Gjan ravine in thjorsardalur valley, a taste of everyday life during Norsemen era
hjalparfoss waterfall in Thjorsardalur valley, Iceland
warm bath in Hrunalaug natural geothermal pool, Iceland,Thjorsardalur valley day tour
Hrunalaug, natural hot springs in Iceland, super jeep excursions
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