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Snaefellsnes Peninsula longer tour:-Stykkisholmur-Borgarfjordur valley-Langjokull, two days super jeep excursion: West Iceland
Snaefellsnes Peninsula-Stykkisholmur-Borgarfjordur valley multi-day tour, super jeep winter excursion in Iceland:Snaefellsnes Peninsula and Stykkisholmur fishing village, jeep tours in Iceland

Combo tours in Iceland:Snaefellsnes-Peninsula-Stykkisholmur-Borgarfjordur valley

This two days super-jeep excursion combines the Snaefellsnes Peninsula tour with Borgarfjordur valley and Langjökull glacier tour, offering the possibility to stay overnight in the local fishing village of Stykkisholmur.


The first day, we follow the Snaefellsnes Peninsula tour itinerary until we get to the local fishing village of  Stykkysholmur: an attraction itself.

The cute, little town has much to offer to tourists: hotels, B&B, swimming pool, few traditional restaurants and beautiful surroundings.

The second day, we continue our journey toward the beautiful Borgarfjordur, the Valley of the Sagas, and on to Langjökull glacier, where we’ll go for a drive on its vast ice cap (weather/snow conditions allowing) before driving back to Reykjavik.


Overnight accommodation is in well-appointed Hotels/Guest Houses (all with private bathrooms) and can be arranged, upon request.


Please note: Our multi-day tours are provided in cooperation with Icevisit, a local and reliable travel agency.

For further info, booking and payment of such multi-day tour contact directly Icevisit at



DAY 1: Snaefellsnes Peninsula super jeep tour – Stykkisholmur (duration 7/8 hours)

DAY 2: Stykkisholmur  – Borgarfjordur valley and Langjokull glacier tour – Reykjavik (duration 7/8 hours)

OVERALL DURATION: 1 night – 2 day Super jeep tour

DEPARTURE: upon request, all year around.

PICK UP: from your accommodation/ hotel/ guesthouse.

PRICE: contact us to get a quote!


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Call us: +354 854 99 30

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Snaefellsnes Peninsula-Stykkisholmur-Borgarfjordur valley tour map, view itinerary of Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Stykkisholmur and Borgarfjordur valley, mappa dell' escursione Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Stykkisholmur e Borgarfjordur valley, visualizza itinerario
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This two days super-jeep excursion combines the Snaefellsnes Peninsula tour with Borgarfjordur valley and Langjökull glacier

Snaefellsnes-Peninsula-Stykkisholmur-Borgarfjordur valley

Stykkisholmur fishing village Iceland,two days super jeep excursion in Iceland:Snaefellsnes Peninsula-Stykkisholmur-Borgarfjordur valley, West Iceland multi-day tour,overnight staying in Stykkisholmur, Saefellsnes Peninsula
Arnastapi and Helnar, Excursion to Stykkisholmur, Snaefelsness peninsula longer tour
driving on Langjokull glacier, snow safari on glaciers in Iceland, multi-day tours in Iceland:Snaefellsnes Peninsula-Stykkisholmur-Borgarfjordur valley

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