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Iceland private tours


Matteo Cerretelli, Italy

 Stunning and exciting! There are no better words for your tours!

Sue & Paul Meader, UK

We've taken 2 fabulous superjeep tours with Raven Travel, one january and another in June and both were amazing, I'd recommend them to anyone.

Our first trip was the Golden Circle and Langjokull glacier tour. Our 17 year old son and his friend couldn't believe how huge the wheels were on the jeep!
We went to Thingvellir and saw the great rifts in the earth where the tectonic plates are pulling apart and went on to the incredibly powerful and beautiful Gulfoss waterfall. it was great seeing Strokkur geyser make people jump as it erupted, even though we were all expecting it! We then went on an amazing journey through rivers and across a really dramatic landscape onto Langjokull. The views from up on the glacier were just incredible, we could see for miles.
Luca told us loads about the landscape and history of Iceland and the tour with him in the jeep was definitely the highlight of our cruise, it was such great fun.

Our second trip was a 2 day one to Jokulsarlon ice lagoon and back. Seljalandsfoss waterfall is amazing and the journey along the south coast was absolutely breathtaking with the huge glacier visible to our left for miles and glimpses of the sea to the right.
Nothing prepared us for how stunningly beautiful Jokulsarlon ice lagoon is - the icebergs really are that blue! We were driven from there down to the black volcanic sand beach, which you just couldn't do in an ordinary vehicle. There were what looked like lumps of blue glass on the sand and in the water where the icebergs had floated down from the lagoon and out to sea. We then went inland a bit to a much less well known ice lagoon - which was the most beautiful and peaceful place I've ever been to, it was absolutely stunning.

If you've ever considered going to Iceland - do it! There are some really good deals about on flights and hotels.
It's just incredible and so were both tours we did in the superjeep - we plan to go back for a third one!

John O' Neill, USA

“Perfect Day on a Glacier”


My wife and I along with my brother and his fiancee took a truly wonderful day trip up onto the Langjökull glacier in the western Central Highlands of Iceland with Luca, the owner of Raven Travel. Luca amazed and entertained us with his incredible knowledge of the history and places of Iceland as we drove by or stopped to visit interesting places on the way to the glacier. Once we arrived at the base, it was exciting--and sometimes a little worrisome to the novice!--to watch him expertly navigate his Super Jeep up onto the glacier through the waist-deep snow. His skill as a driver is just awesome and we arrived at the top of the glacier safe and sound and were treated to one of the most beautiful vistas I have ever seen in all of my travels. Snow-covered mountains and valleys as far as the eye could see and the freshest air I have ever breathed....just a "words can't express it adequately" kind of experience... Luca made the day extra special with his complete attention to every need we might have and his relaxed and friendly demeanor, not to mention the excellent picnic of salmon sandwiches and coffee that he brought along for us! It felt like he was an old family friend by the end of the day and we are all looking forward to our next experience with him because we know it will be a great one.

Molte grazie, Luca!

James Andrew, UK

“Amazing tour with an awesome driver!”


We took a day tour around the Golden Circle back in August 2014. It was a truly memorable day out and Luca couldn't have done more to make sure we had the best experience. We drove on a glacier, saw waterfalls, rainbows, glaciers and some just generally crazy landscapes. He was also kind enough to take us to the Blue Lagoon at the end of the day. I can't recommend Raven Travel highly enough. If and when I return to Iceland I will definitely be using them again.


Matteo Z. UK

“Excellent Glaciers/Volcanoes tour”


Superb experience. Luca is super knowledgeable and entertaining.

I would strongly recommend this tour if you want to make your stay in Iceland memorable.

Everett Kamin, USA

“Go With Raven Travel or Miss the Best of Iceland!!!!!!”


From initial contact Luca took my very specific interests and time constraints seriously. He replied in record time vs other operators and was more than fair in pricing vs 80% of the 20 operators I contacted (seriously some people tried to charge 4xs the price with no justification).

Luca / Raven Travel take a personal approach to EVERYTHING and there is nothing he won't do to make sure you have an exceptional time.

You want to experience local cuisine from farmers/butchers/restaurants= Done
You want to experience locations that no other operators will take you = Done
You want to experience the local history, culture, mythology = Done
You want to experience high paced adventure and climbing/hiking = Done

Most importantly if you want to experience the best person as company when doing all of this then you need to go with Luca as hanging out with this guy was akin to doing so with a friend vs a guide the entire time.

I can not stress enough how above and beyond he accommodated as the hours I asked to start and end were insane, yet he never had an issue with doing it. I say this but the AMAZING part is he even went longer than I booked so to say you get more than you pay for is a HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT!!!

For instance I wanted to try puffin but it was very hard to procure due to some local strikes and this guy showed up one day with freshly smoked puffin from a local butcher as a surprise snack while we were traveling (seriously who else would do that and not try and charge you an arm and a leg for it as a "culinary option").

Again and in summary; whether you want a relaxing sightseeing tour or full blown adventure, Luca has both the energy, ability, know how and caring to make it happen and keep you smiling/laughing during the entire trip.

The biggest thing is you contact Luca and the guy who you tour with is Luca or his partner and NO ONE ELSE. So there are no surprises and the experience I write about is the one you will receive (vs other operators rated highly but with guides whom are never rated specifically).

Thank you Luca as you are the sole reason I enjoyed Iceland as much as I did. I took another operator during one of the days due a prior obligation with a friend and what a let down when compared to traveling with you!!!


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