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Raven Travel Super jeep excursions in Iceland, Iceland private tours

Raven Travel is a fully licensed, family owned tour operator that offers walking tours of Reykjavik city and Super Jeep excursions  in Iceland.

We focus on small groups and our goal is to provide high quality service for an affordable price.


All of our Super-Jeep tours are considered as private tours (Max.5 persons) and entirely guided by a knowledgeable guide.

A private tour gives you the chance to enjoy the Icelandic wilderness in more freedom and only with your family or travelling partners, rather than being in a bus full of strangers; you also have the advantage of being in a Super-Jeep, a modified 4×4 vehicle that allows you to visit places where no bus can.

Furthermore, there are no strict timetables to keep; if you really like a place and you wish to stay longer…...that’s

no problem, your time is our time!!
The personalized attention you will receive will be, without a doubt, one of the highlights of your trip!



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               PLEASE NOTE: during the year 2024 will be running ONLY 

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